Discover Sakaryana

The Totsys is a collection of 1270 NFTs, unique creatures who lived in harmony on the opposite side of the coast range of SAKARYANA on Solana Blockchain.

Every Totsy is unique, ranked from common to legendary, generated from over +200 possible traits like : Skin, Face, Weapons, Clothes, Accessories, Background and more.

Owning a Totsy allows you to own the power of one of those elements:


You must have a fucking Totsy for limitless strength. Find out the detailed schedule on our Discord


In olden days, when people did not see light...

Sakaryana was populated by 1270 Totsy. Their energy was derived from the great, magnificent, one and only source of life SOLERA.

Solera provided each TOTSY with a unique kind of superpower from one of its energy resources : Earth, Ice, Fire, Wind, Light and Shadow.

Totsys should discover the superpower hidden in their minds & souls. Legendary Totsys already have total mastery of their power while others are training hard to own it.


SAKARYANA’s population was prospering so fast and TOTSYS were happy celebrating the birth of a new Era, but what they did not know is; SOLERA started to lose its recharge energy day after day due to the non-care and excessive use of power.

TOTSYS power begun to weaken and agony reigned SAKARYANA.

The only solution is to limit energy consumption!

This has complicated matters between Totsys.

you can see the signs of treachery in Totsy's eyes, the law of the Jungle will begin and a civil war is about to start !



This is our current roadmap.
It is possible to change it after launch and adapt it based on what the community wants.


The Beginning the Genesis collection

  • The unique 666 Totsys will be released for the big battle in Sakaryana on the Solana Blockchain.
  • Set free all 666 Savages Totsys to occupy the underworld on December.
  • Our team is a bunch of hard workers that will ensure the coolest and smoothest Launch ever for everyone.
  • Savages Totsys invade the world, listing potentially on Solanart and Magic Eden.
  • 60 NFTs airdropped for holders.

Totsys & Creation of new era !

  • Launch Minting of the rest of the Totsys For public 1834.
  • Building the Dao Sakaryanah community wallet + Twitter.
  • Provide Sakaryana community members with mint passes and pre-sale spots on upcoming high calibre NFT collections.
  • Launch new collection on Opensea & Airdrop NFTs for Holder of SavagesTotsys.
  • Launch new collection of Pixel Totsys & Airdrop NFTs for Holder of SavagesTotsys.
  • Launch new Collection of Little Baby Totsys & Airdrop NFTs for Holder of SavagesTotsys.
  • Games, Giveaway, collaboration with other project to keep an active community.

Sakaryana Growing Up

  • Creation and deploy our Token $Solera.
  • ENABLE TOTSYS NFT Staking Feature, holders can stake their NFTs and earn $Solera.
  • Minting new NFTs Totsys with $solera.
  • Increase the Supply to 10 000 NFTs (all incomming mint only with $Solera the Genesis Collection already SOLDOUT), when all NFTs are minted we will launch a new collection and airdrop NFTs for holders(More infos in discord)
  • Creation and deploy our Marketplace Sakaryana on our website.
  • Sweep Floor, Focus Marketing & influencers.

Last but not least

  • Reveal an update to our roadmap & Website.


Totsys are a imaginary creatures who lived on a planet named SAKARYANA, Our collection is unique and every Totsy have his traits & rarity. Traits are ranked from "COMMON" all the way to "MYTHICAL" and each attribute has corresponding % chance of being minted.

Rarity is extremely important we'll be releasing visuals of traits on our Discord first leading up to launch. You'll be able to find a full rarity chart here after our launch..

A minting button will be available at the top of this page when we have launched.

The first 666 Totsys costs 0.1 Sol, then 0.2 Sol for the rest of collection.

A total of 666 Totsys Genesis collection will be minted.

A total of 1834 Standard collection will be minted.

1tx per wallet but not limited.

Royalties will be 5%. Royalties will be used to create our treasury project nd make holders proud of owning their Totsys.
Secondary sales will help fund part of Sakaryana’s projects & will in turn be redistributed back to the community.
You can find all the details on our Roadmap.

Launching will be annonced soon on our Discord